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Inches to Centimeters Converter (Java)

The task is to develop inches to centimeters converter in Java using Swing for GUI. Application should check for appropriate input and if error, show the message and clean corresponding text area.

See applet and source code (opens in new window)

The Tower (OpenGL & GLUT)

Task: Render a tower, which consists of three blocks laying one on the top of each other. At least one block should contain gun slots. Blocks have to be joined smoothly, but their sizes and forms may vary. The tower stays on the plane. All objects of the scene should have texture; it's necessary to implement sky and tower shadow.

See screenshot

Binary Search Tree (C++)

The task is to implement Binary Search Tree (BST) in C++. Required commands are "add", "delete", "find", "print" and "bye". Do appropriate error checking for input. Use classes to solve the task.

Download solution

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